Sunday, July 6, 2014

Born to Fly... A Day At Airbus Helicopters

My husband, Matthew, was selected this past October for Warrant Officer to fly helicopters for the US Army.  Ever since then, our kids have been obsessed with helicopters and the fact that their Daddy was going to school soon to be a pilot and fly an Army helicopter for his career.  Our family was supposed to have left Fort Hood back in March to PCS to Fort Rucker for his flight school.  Little did we know the turn of events that would take place upon learning of Camden's disease this past January.  Everything got pushed back and put on hold while we have been fighting hard to figure things out medically and get a plan of care in place.  For now, we are set to move once again in December, so that Matthew can start schooling in January.  We have many big what ifs and decisions ahead as we find out more on Camden's medical condition and needs in August.  We pray that we can get the care we need at Fort Rucker so my husband can continue his dream, too.  If not, we are prepared to do what is best for Camden as he is our number one priority and his dreams are so much more right now.  This blog tonight is about amazing people once again taking the time to help make a dream of his come true.

Camden was given the opportunity a few weeks ago thanks to Matt & Lindsay Evans of Airbus Helicopters and a fellow photog friend, Lindsay Pierson, to take a tour of Airbus Helicopters in Dallas and then get to mark one more thing off his bucket list...


First they took the family on a tour of the facility and showed us how and where they make all different kinds of helicopters for people all over the world.  

After that, they had another surprised lined up for the kids as they lead us outside...  a fire truck to check out!!!  The kids loved it and enjoyed listening to the real life fireman and all he had to tell them about his job and his fire truck!  This one is very different from the normal ones you see and at first the kids called it a MONSTER TRUCK, haha. :)

Little did Camden know what was about to happen next...

He would fly in a helicopter with Pilot Matt Evans!  He was so excited and couldn't even believe what it!  Pilot Evans was so awesome with the boys and let them all go up, minus Mommy and Sofia who stayed back to watch and video the big event.  They got to fly over the Rangers Stadium, do a zero gravity drop and even Daddy McAlpine got to take a gander at flying for a few minutes!  

My boys weren't nervous or scared one bit and all were so excited and brave!  I was back there shaking.  More from the emotions of all that was being done and happening for our son.  We couldn't have been more blessed and grateful.  

It was nonstop talk about their ride afterwards and each kiddo was given their very own helicopter to take home!  We all went off to root for the Rangers afterwards with our newest friends, Lindsay and Lindsay.  Perfect ending to the perfect day! <3